A girl’s delimma by Aparajita apra

Oh!he seems the perfect match

His voice and looks are golden batch

But I seem to like this artist too

Painting me in perfect hue

He has words thats dressed in eloquence

He is broke and I know the consequence

Thats where I am stuck in this delimma

Whether to leave or love , just blame it on the karma

Being an artist my eyes only sees beauty

Glistening smoke , the silver trees such a cutie

One is astute , the other sensitive

I desire both to love and live

The tyranny , the irony

Between love or money

Both are lovers

Both are givers

But I need to solve this with perfect harmony

And I know this situation ain’t very funny

My delimma is getting stronger

The nights are getting longer

His poetic soul

His platinum gold

I am in such a delimma

Should I blame it all on karma ?


Bikhri shaakh by Aparajita apra

20190509_2006261397124805.jpgBikhri shaakh ki kali mei bhi tum

Mere ashkon ki nami mei bhi tum

Kuch to rishta hai meri ankhoen se tere ansu ka

Jis or mudti hun mai us gali ki rahoen mei bhi tum

Mere adhe adhure baatoen mei bhi tum

Mujhse jude har jasbaatoen mei bhi tum

Kaha jaun tumse juda hoke mere jawaboen ke sawaaloen mein bhi tum

Kambaqt phir bhi by Aparajita apra

Kambaqt kisi se milne ke liye itna nahi tadpe the

Jitna tere deedar ke liye tarse hai

Gavara nahi tha tujhse ishq karna mujhe

Phir bhi tere intezaar mei baithe hain

Ye fasana tere liye bhi naya hai mere liye bhi

Jaane kabse hum ek mulakat ke liye baithe hai

Jasbaat nasaaz nahi hai, tu saath nahi hai

Kambaqt phir bhi hum kitne raat se tanha baithe hain

The risk and the reward by Aparajita apra

Seldom have I been in a situation where my goodness had overcome my concrete need to be opposite of my nature. It’s like being in the middle of crisis everytime you open your eyes. Not because you want to but because you happen to be there.

There are some people who have the talent of being in the wrong situation at the wrong time. I have always been placed in such a category. My insistant believe to be able to solve problems hasn’t always been this simple, I have had my share of landing in soups..But the impulse it gaurantees is far more than undertaking risky prospectives. Thats how I see my journey shaping itself even now and perhaps till my last breadth. And I can’t compromise it for anything.

Cut throat by Aparajita apra

Its neck to neck

Dont plunge for the heck

Be sure

You can endure

The cut throat

To rock the boat

In the mist and sand

Dont be bland

Its not a battle

Its deep seething and fatal

Never gone , never lost

Dont burn , dont get frost

The cut throat is bang on

Be sure to hang on

Tresspassing and following the crowd

Hold your head high and be proud

Now the mission is accomplished

And the reward is relished

The competition is cut throat

Put in the double qoute